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G20 Data

New version of the official 3D navigation app of the G20 countries (key economic and technological indicators)  


European call for proposals: Open Data Proxima Mobile

The European call for proposals Open Data Proxima Mobile launched by Mr. Eric Besson, Minister of Industry, Energy & Digital Economy, comes at a crucial time in the dissemination of public data. With Open Data, public institutions are now promoting the creation of new tools of public policy transparency literally in the hands of citizens. These evolutions foster social, cultural and economic innovations and constitute a source of opportunity for the entire economic spectrum.

Data produced by the European public sector are among the most attractive in the world. The dissemination of these data combined with the rise of mobile services creates new opportunities especially for SMEs. This call for proposals aims at promoting the creation of pan-European services for citizens.

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An app to access real time bus safety performance infos from the U.S. Dep of Transportation #FMCSA #mGOV

New smartphone scans from Stanford could prevent needless oral cancer deaths #mHealth

New York pay phones to be replaced with large iPad like smart screens #SmartCity

New #terahertz scanner lets smartphones see through walls and clothes (DailyMail) #mHealth #IoT

Boston launches Tumblr account based on #BigData'

Mobile web usage further dominates web #mGrowth

New Applications


Jaccede Mobile

Jaccede Mobile helps those with reduced mobility by providing a collaborative guide to accessible locations.

Platform(s) : Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone.Category : Handicap.


Location based carpooling app that puts passengers and drivers in touch in real time.   

Platform(s) : Android, iPhone, Mobile Web.Category : Sustainable development, Tourism.

Food Reporter

Location-based social network helps you recommand and find the best restaurants around you by browsing the photo of the dishes.

Platform(s) : iPhone.Category : Consumers , Tourism.


Service providing information on consumer products using their barcode: nutritional advice, environmental impact, allergenic ingredients., etc.

Platform(s) : iPhone.Category : Consumers .

EU Calendar

The calendar for the European Union's institutions. Follow the works of the European Union's Parliament, Council and Commission. 

Platform(s) : Mobile Web.Category : Institutions.


This application provides information about the intensity of seismic waves and allows users to post and read witness accounts

Platform(s) : iPhone.Category : Local communities, Sustainable development.


Results of the Open Data Proxima Mobile European Call for Projects

Paris, January 2012

The « Open Data Proxima Mobile » European call for projects was launched on July 13, 2011 by Eric Besson, French Minister for Industry, Energy and Digital economy. Its aim is to promote the use of public data to create mobile applications that will be used accross Europe. Indeed, public information, whether it relates to culture, tourism, geography or the environment, has become a crucial element of added-value services on mobile devices. « Open data » also promotes Government transparency and allows citizens greater access to public services.

Here are the 3 winners of the « Open Data Proxima Mobile » European call for projects:

1. NewExpat: ensuring the integration of expatriates in Europe


NewExpat is a mobile application that will be aimed at the 21 million European expatriates who live in Europe. Its objective is to help future European expatriates in the choice of their host country and to ensure a smooth transition in their new city of residence. The application will provide public and private data among which the Open Data portals of European countries - such as for Great-Britain, for Spain, for France - as well as public data provided by European cities – such as for Paris, for London… The application will also provide users with a “barometer” of the most appreciated countries within the European Union based on their criteria and with a “to do list” when they arrive in their destination country – registering children for school, registering for social security, subscribing to repatriation insurance… The application will also include a social network which will allow expatriates who have recently moved to the same city to share about their experiences. NewExpat will be developed by Marcopolis and Pop Developpement. It will be available in English and French on iPhone and Android.

2. Coastline: discovering the European coastline and its biodiversity through augmented reality


Coastline is an application that will be developed by Prolexia, a company specialized in augmented reality and will be dedicated to the exploration of the flora and the fauna of protected areas of the European coastline. This collaborative application will use both form recognition and 3D augmented reality functionalities. The names and characteristics of the objects recognized will be provided to the user using augmented reality, whenever users film a european coastline. The application will make available information on flora and fauna and will provide users with an itinerary to guide them to a particular object or location when hiking. The application will use information made available by the French National Geographic Institute (Institut Géographique National), the French Coastal Protection Agency (Conservatoire du Littoral) and Great Britain’s National Trust Institute. Coastline will first provide information on French and British coastlines and will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

3. iMemoriam: location based information on European memorial sites


iMemoriam will provide information on memorial sites in the European union’s member states. This mobile application is developed by the Elabor Group and is the European mobile extension of the website « ». It will allow users to look for a deceased loved one (using their first and last name and their date of birth or of death). Users will also be able to search for a particular remembrance monument, and to access information on memorial monuments using geolocation. iMemoriam will provide information based on information collected from local governments, the French State represented by the Ministry of Defense as well as its European counterparts. iMemoriam will first include information on France and Germany and will be available on iPhone, Android and later on Windows Phone. A web mobile version will also be developed to allow users access from any smartphone that includes a web browser.

These projects were selected for their innovative use of European public data but also for their user friendliness (especially for first-time users) as well as their accessibility. These applications and mobile services will be made available by autumn 2012 and will then appear on the Proxima Mobile portal.



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